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Behind The Brand

Find Your Realty was created from the firm idea of ​​completely departing from the current image of the typical real estate agency with nice facilities and employees who only try to endorse any property to anyone who walks through the door. Which often lack sufficient experience and work under pressure to reach goals.
All this entails a problem, a bad image for the sector and distrust on the part of some clients. Find Your Realty’s management concept is to offer a real solution to all of the above. Honesty is key in this sector, because being honest saves time.

Unlike most countries, in Andorra it is more important to know who is behind the management of the brand than the brand itself.
Because behind any brand there must always be professionalism, experience, training, knowledge and seriousness.

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Find Your Realty Andorra - Listing Agent - Patrick Sánchez

Patrick Sánchez

(+376) 355 523

Licensed Real Estate Broker & Legal Expert

As a licensed broker and real estate legal expert, Patrick covers the entire spectrum of property sales. From the initial valuation and meeting with the home owners, study of potentialities, marketing, until the closing of the sale at the Notary.

In addition, Patrick always maintains close collaborations with other professionals such as architects with fresh knowledge and ideas, effective engineers, serious construction companies, bank executives and Notaries. All this makes up a seamless real estate service.

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