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Contents and Intellectual Property

Ownership of “Find Your Realty Property Finders” is all the content, elements, structure of the website, its own design, the codes used, images and videos. It is the responsibility of the user to access the website to respect the rules of intellectual property and that said legislation protects all the elements detailed in advance. Copy, modification, manipulation, distribution and / or public communication without the prior written consent of the Agency is prohibited. Web page users may only make private and personal use and shall respect the prohibitions and regulations of intellectual property. It is absolutely prohibited any act or illegal activity, fraud or the commercial purpose of the web page. If due to the lack of responsibility in the use of the website by users and the breach of the obligations to respect the rules of intellectual property by users towards the web page, they will be responsible for any of the damages / losses that may have originated and incurred in the relevant legal actions and their derivative responsibilities.

Data Protection

In accordance with Law 15/2003, of December 18, described as the protection of personal data, the users are informed that:

It is anonymous in nature every visit to the website. The access to the web page is facilitated to offer the user that it visits the web page an optimum service and give accessibility to the web page and its use of consultation. In this way, because this improvement in the service is possible, the total number of visits to all pages contained in the web page will be analyzed weekly. The Agency informs of the use of Google Analytics to know the activity of all the users who have accessed the web page and will count the frequency that they visit it.

Users are not personally identified. Nor will the names, email accounts, personal identifications or other types of similar information or identification of particular devices be stored.


The Agency assumes the commitment not to make or use advertising that can be misleading. Therefore, the numerical errors can not be considered misleading advertising or so that they can be present on the web page due to incorrect update, defective content, either because of a partial or total maintenance of the web page and also due to the fall or maintenance of the hosting or domain. As soon as the Agency detects these events, it undertakes to correct them as soon as possible when they are identified.


The website uses cookies, which are stored on the device or computer of the user that enters the web page. Cookies are small files that are received by the devices or computers that are sent by the server but that do not inform or provide any personal or private information from the user. The IP address of the device or computer of each of the users who access the web page is recognized by the server, indicating the pages viewed, the day and time and also the entry and exit of the session. It is necessary that these data are known to the server so that it can communicate. In any case, the user can configure on their device or computer that their usual browser warns of the presence of cookies and it will be their desire to accept or not these cookies. Acceptance or non-acceptance of cookies will not restrict user access to the website.

Policies of use

Compliance with the laws, regulations in force and the applicable rules of use of products and applications are the responsibility of the user. The use of bad faith in any way and destination of the web page is not allowed and that it may also affect third parties. Nor is any use contrary to Andorran legislation prohibited and that it violates the rights and honor of third parties, that is to say; The publication or transmission of illegal, violent, xenophobic, obscene, defamatory, abusive, racial, gender or religious content. It is not allowed to corrupt, fraudulently use or manipulate electronic means and accounts, personal web pages and others without your express authorization and that infringes the intellectual property of third parties and that directly contravenes the provisions contemplated in the Qualified Law 15 / 2003 of protection of personal data such as the misuse of mail accounts, mail servers, hosting and identity theft, sending fraudulent emails, spam, viruses of any kind, or any criminal action and fraudulent law. Users are the only people in charge of the information, data or others that have been transmitted or stored in the authorized or hired spaces but which are not managed by the web page. This includes possible claims from third parties, hyperlinks and possible legal actions that could directly affect intellectual property, data protection, personal or other rights that may derive. The access, visualization, modification, corruption of the files on the web page hosted on servers are strictly prohibited. If the security of the servers or the web page is compromised due to the negligent and / or criminal action of the users, these users will respond by civil and criminal liability for damages caused to third parties and to the Agency itself.


The Agency reserves all the rights that are derived from the property. These are the photographs, videos, the source code of the contents and the contents in its entirety, the structure and software, the transitions, the sounds, the domain / if the / marks them / marks, in addition to the entire compilation of, Information on the web page that is protected by current legislation in favor of the Data Protection Act. It is expressly informed that the Agency does not allow or permit; the total or partial reproduction, the total or partial distribution, the total or partial publication, the total or partial dissemination, the total or partial modification without a previous notice and expressly in writing. Only private and personal use is allowed by users, and commercial or lucrative use is prohibited in favor of the user to the detriment of the Agency. However, the Agency will make regular checks so that the compliments described above and in detail are duly complied. The Agency reserves the right to modify the presentation, content and configuration in whole or in part of its website.


The use and access to the website are subject to the consent of the user and their implication and their acceptance to all the aforementioned conditions.

Applicable Jurisdiction and Legislation

The conditions of access are expressly subject to the Andorran legal system and its Courts.

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