The meaning of colors

For decorating your home, it’s really important to understand the color psychology. Why?, because each color has different effects on individuals. You can improve your life and transform your environment to next step to hapiness using the specific psychological effects on you. Choose the right color, this is the key factor.

Now, let’s just highlight the positive features:


Black inspires power, sophistication, elegance and modernity. Many luxury brands use black with white to express luxury and exclusivity.


White connotes optimism, purity, simplicity, clarity and cleanliness. Many luxury brands use it.


Yellow represents sun, light and gold. It means happiness, wealth, power, abundance, strength and action.


Red is associated with passion, stimulation, strength, danger, revolution, and virility.


Orange is associated with youthfulness, enthusiasm, action, lust, sensuality and exaltation.


Purple inspires serenity, mystical, romantic, lust, luxury, sensual, elegant, eclectic.


Green represents health, sport, youth, new life, hope, action, action, healthy food and ecology.


Blue is the color of financial business, technology, insurance business, confidence, water, sky, freshness, tranquility and intelligence.


Gray is associated with technology, luxury, tenacity, metal, space, peace and tranquility.


Pink it is the color of delicacy, sweetness, feminine, friendship, pure love and and delicacy.