An optimal workplace design is the main factor to consider when a company is tracking employee productivity. Do you want more productivity in your company or on yourself?. It’s time to consider renovating your workplace layout.

Most companies, around 75%, do not succeed in the design of their offices and cause a fall in the productivity of their employees. The following tips can help you to improve workplace designs.

Welcome to the new way of thinking, working from home

Home office design

I can say with no risk to fail is that employees allowed to work from home are happier. It’s a fact. This is because, they compensate the comfort of your home with an increase in productivity that directly benefits the company.

Ok, ok… I know what is going to be the next question… what about procrastination?. When an employee knows what is the amount of productivity is necessary for that day, this employee keeps your attention and focus on tasks to be completed and end them as soon as possible.

But, a little bit of procrastination is good, because those minutes of ‘doing nothing’ and thinking about other things being new inspiration and ideas on their work. That inspiration could come from listening a favourite song or a phone call.

Hey boss! In the office, multitasking is not a good deal

Office workplace

I could explain by differents examples why multitasking is the enemy of productivity, but I only keep my focus on one: When an employee are keeping focus on one task at the time, this task is done more efficiency. This have to be your target, to complete your tasks and turn into a target. Many people confuse To Do List with Target List, they are not the same.

Employees are more effective and more productive with privacy. Less noise and less distractions. Surprisingly, they finish their tasks in less time than a regular situation surrounded by co-workers and distractions.

Employees have to feel comfortable to be productive

Each business has its own workday methods. But there are a lot of common principles in productivity maximization. So, it’s very important to know how office layout affects to productivity along the year.