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The independent real estate agency in Andorra of the finest properties for sale

With 16 years of experience and deep knowledge of the local residential real estate in the Principality of Andorra. Find Your Realty is the best choice for selling and reselling any type of property. Proven effectiveness and multiple referrals by satisfied clients.

Bespoke Real Estate Services

Many times big brands don’t get the job done in time. This is why a local real estate expert is essential and necessary for your goals. If you need agility and commitment in your selling process or if you are looking for to buy a property at the right price, these are the services of Find Your Realty can offer.

To Sell

Take action. The first step is giving soul to your property. Your home has not to look like a regular property, it’s necessary to improve how your home looks like for awaking the interest of the potential buyers. Everyone pay attention to attractive properties. This attraction is created by high-quality photos portfolio, full HD and 4K videos and also, creating good marketing content of your property.

To Buy

Because there are not a lot of properties for sale in Andorra at the right price in good conditions and legit potential. The purchase of a property represents for many families the most important investment of their lives. This is the reason why buyers should be well advised, financially, fiscally and getting the best suitable property finally. 

Which are your benefits?

Your property is going to look like never before.

Intense selection process of interested buyers.

Reduce a big amount of time in your selling.

Save your energy for better things.

More than a Brand

Find Your Realty’s clientele consists essentially of andorran citizens, business owners,

high net worth individuals from Europe and lately, youtubers and professional athletes. 

Along these years, Find Your Realty created a new system work, it means the evolution

of the local real estate market, a one-way real estate brokerage in Andorra that provides

both buyers and sellers an exquisite treatment.

Who is Patrick

Patrick Sánchez is among the top producing real estate agents in the Principality of Andorra. 

His personable and professional character, clearly and directly, allow Patrick to build and maintain

solid relationships after the closing with buyers and sellers, which explains why his business

has grown mostly from referrals.


Real clients, buyers and sellers.

They decided to leave a testimonial of their experience with Find Your Realty.

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