Legal Notice

Legal Notice

This legal notice contemplates the general conditions that regulate the access and use of the website, hereinafter referred to as the “web page”, which is the owner and owner of “Find Your Realty Property Finders” , with NRT F-143758-J and with Trade Registry 925643J, located on Avenida Joan Martí, 114 AD200 Encamp, Telephone +376355523, now called “Agencia”.


All the information contained in the web page is updated. The Agency can not guarantee that there may be no errors in accessing the website or its content. Anyway, at the moment that errors can be detected or the inaccessibility in the web page, these will be corrected in the shortest possible time. The Agency does not guarantee the absence of errors in access to the website or the content, however, it will adopt the appropriate measures to prevent them, correct them and / or update them as soon as they are detected. The Agency as the owner of the website reserves the right to make all the necessary modifications both in its content and in the presentation of the website and will be carried out without any prior notice. The Agency reserves the right to modify all or part of the content of the entire web page and also to restrict access and services temporarily during the period considered necessary by the Agency. These access restrictions can be derived from improvements, upgrades and possible repairs to the web page hosting. It is the responsibility of the user to access the web page the use they give him. However, the Agency will not be liable for possible damages of any nature that may arise and that may derive from the misuse of the information, content of the website and the plugins that are incorporated into the web page . Therefore, the Agency will not be responsible for the uses that the user makes of the web, that is, of the use that it gives to the links, contents, hyperlinks, images and videos that are present in the web page.

Contents and Intellectual Property

Ownership of “Find Your Realty Property Finders” is all the content, elements, structure of the website, its own design, the codes used, images and videos. It is the responsibility of the user to access the website to respect the rules of intellectual property and that said legislation protects all the elements detailed in advance. Copy, modification, manipulation, distribution and / or public communication without the prior written consent of the Agency is prohibited. Web page users may only make private and personal use and shall respect the prohibitions and regulations of intellectual property. It is absolutely prohibited any act or illegal activity, fraud or the commercial purpose of the web page. If due to the lack of responsibility in the use of the website by users and the breach of the obligations to respect the rules of intellectual property by users towards the web page, they will be responsible for any of the damages / losses that may have originated and incurred in the relevant legal actions and their derivative responsibilities.


The access and use of the website implies the consent and acceptance of the user and their adherence to the conditions detailed above.

Applicable Jurisdiction and Legislation

The aforementioned access conditions are subject to the Andorran legal system and Andorran courts.